My name is April Hubbard. I am the designer behind Longhorn Prairie. I am a work-at-home mother of 5 and wife of one. I earn a living by designing crochet and knitting patterns.

While my family is priority number one Longhorn Prairie is my number two. I put my heart into every pattern I write. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for me to get a design published and sometimes it takes months. Why on earth would anyone want to spend so much time and energy designing and writing a crochet or knit pattern? Because I LOVE it. I love it more than ice cream. Really!    This is my creative release and it’s my job.

My patterns are available on ravelry.com, craftsy.com and etsy.com. (Clicking on ‘patterns’ on this site takes you to my ravelry shop.) Along with top notch patterns I offer round the clock personal customer service. If you have a question regarding a pattern of mine you can contact me at my email address in the ‘contact’ section. Shoot me an email and I will respond pretty quickly. Usually within an hour or two.




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