3 Mermaids

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3 Mermaids

A comparison from the designer.


3 Mermaid crochet patterns -Mermaid Photo Prop -Croc Stitch Mermaid Costume -Sleek Mermaid

So I’m not exactly “the mermaid lady” but I do have 3 different crochet patterns for baby mermaid outfits. What is the difference? The stitches, of course. All 3 fit from ages newborn to 12 months. All 3 are made using the same Caron Simply Soft yarn. At least that is the yarn I used for designing and writing the pattern. Using different yarn brands may result in a different size. The tail FIN is the one consistent feature.

#1 The Mermaid Photo Prop Set was the first mermaid pattern that I designed. It remains my most popular pattern. The tail fin is worked as a separate piece and then sewn onto the tail, or body, of the mermaid. Making two separate pieces really was the only way to make THOSE scales and THAT fin together. (link to ravelry at the end of this post)


Over the years I have had many people purchase this pattern and share their lovely pictures of their work with me. I can’t even tell you how much I love that. I have seen them made in so many different colors and so many different kinds of yarn. My friend Tatha of Stitched In Love makes hers using Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn. Her mermaid are unbelievably gorgeous. The color variations in that yarn is beautiful and so is her workmanship. You can find her HERE on facebook.

#2 The Croc Stitch Mermaid Set was the next one. It was written during a time when the crocodile stitch was still fairly new and was all the rage. I also redesigned the fin so that it could be worked fin-first from the bottom up, all as one piece. I know how much we all love sewing pieces together. Not! The crocodile stitch is a yarn eater so this mermaid takes a bit more yarn. If you’re feeling froggy and love a challenge you may want to try this one. The bikini top is a little more shell-like than the first mermaid. (link to ravelry at the end of this post)


#3 The Sleek Mermaid Set was the 3rd. After a few inquiries about a simpler mermaid with no scales I used the same concept as in the first mermaid (Mermaid Photo Prop) and descaled it. I wrote it to be worked from the bottom up like the Croc Stitch Mermaid. So this one works up quickly and uses less yarn. I used a little Irish crochet for the shell bikini top in this one. (link to ravelry at the end of this post)


In conclusion these 3 mermaid outfits fit all the same sizes and are all great patterns. I am always available via email to answer questions and help you work the pattern if you need help. The patterns are all available on Ravelry and Etsy and Craftsy. If you want ME to make one for you they are listed in my Etsy shop as finished items.



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