Joyce & Justin Whale Rug by Ira Rott (pattern review)

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Pattern Review

Joyce and Justin Whale Rug

Crochet pattern by Ira Rott

20180509_160608-01 (1)

Before this whale rug I had never attempted a pattern designed by Ira Rott. So this is a review of my first experience with making a finished piece from a pattern by this popular designer. Her rug patterns have been all the rage lately and I had my eye on a couple of them.

A friend of mine is expecting her first grand son due in early September and she commissioned me to make this whale rug for the baby’s room she is setting up at her house. So this was my chance (and excuse) to finally try an Ira Rott pattern.


I prefer to purchase crochet and knit patterns on so I can keep them all in one place in my ravelry library. So any pattern links I share in my blog posts will mostly likely be to ravelry unless etsy is the only place they are available.

First off for such a large finished piece it works up very quickly since it is done using 3 strands of yarn at once. It took me a couple of days to work up the main body and tail, minus the fins. It calls for 6 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver. Definitely easily affordable. Each stitch is slow going due to the keeping 3 strands together without accidentally missing a strand but still works up quickly over all. If you think your stitching will be loose you may want to play it safe and get an extra skein of your main color.


The Body of the whale is the easiest part. The tail fins and side fin were fairly easy but do need to be blocked when done to make them lay flat. The “lacey” look of the fins and top of the head are the main appeal of this pattern. The decorative stitching on top of the body is a bit on the difficult side but the designer has plenty of explanation and pictures (lots of pictures) to help you along. This is one of the most fully detailed patterns I have ever used. There are 29 pages complete with photo tutorials, written instructions and graphs. The table of contents helps you easily find different parts of the pattern and there is a good stitch guide and instructions for special stitches. The designer leaves nothing out.

The eye is basic and easy…….but that mouth……. The mouth can be difficult and I worried it would turn out bad but it turned out perfect. It was hard to get the mouth started but once I figured out a way it was fairly easy from there and I was relieved. Making the mouth wavy turned out to be a bit more difficult than a simple smile shape but I love a good challenge.

20180509_160608-01 (1)

There is the option of attaching non-slip backing to it. If it will be on a hard floor you should probably add the backing. It is not necessary for carpet. I didn’t add it to mine. The designer provides good instructions for that too.

It really is quite large. A tail fin was much bigger than my foot. But it’s a rug, right? So bigger is better. It came out looking exactly like the pictures so, of course, my friend loves it.


My over-all opinion of this pattern?    …….don’t wait, just go for it. It was fun, quick and so adorable.

Pattern is available for $6 on Ravelry

Also available on Etsy.

*I am a pattern designer myself however I have spent a fortune buying patterns from other designers. I love their patterns too. For the record; any pattern reviews I write here will only be positive ones. I refuse to write a blog post with the intent to say anything negative toward any of my fellow designers. It’s just unprofessional to do that. If a pattern stinks I just won’t say anything here.


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