Pattern Review coming soon

Hey there,

In my last post I told you about the break I had to take from my business. Since I am pretty close to “normal” again and feeling my old self returning I am back at doing what I love for a living. I will be blogging more but I am changing things up a little. First change was the tag line one my blog banner now says “My Creative Release”. That’s what this is…… Not just my living but my release.

Anyhoo, I am working up a blog post for next week on Tuesday. I am reviewing a pattern that I recently completed for a friend. I finally had an excuse to work up a pattern by Ira Rott and I will be sharing my review with you. If you have been eyeballing one of her patterns and been on the fence about trying it maybe this will help you make up your mind. Be looking for that to be posted next Tuesday the 22nd.

When I post a review of someone else’s pattern I would love if you would share your experience and opinions of that designers work as well, in a nice way. I will only write positive reviews here. In the name of professionalism I refuse to say anything negative about a fellow designer’s work here. If I think a pattern stinks I just won’t review it here. So that is a hint that any patterns I review on my blog will be worth your time and money.

June 4th I will be expanding. I have added a new craft to the long list of things I love to do. So there will be new products in my etsy shop that have nothing to do with yarn or fiber arts. The term “maker” applies to me. I don’t just knit and crochet. I make all sorts of things. Gotta keep the hands busy.

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