Circular Boho Vest (new crochet pattern) +coupon code


Over the last few days I have felt that wonderful feeling of relief that comes from a big project finally coming to a close. Can I get an ‘amen’?

This circular boho vest makes me think of dancing in circles in the woods as the breeze whispers through the trees. It’s the feeling of peace and freedom. The hippie chick in me is happy. I love it. (To say that I am proud of this pattern is an understatement.)

The recent popularity of bohemian style, mandalas and the fact that fall is around the corner inspired the design of this pattern.

Get the pattern for 50% off with code: BOHOINTRO (on ravelry only.)

Sale ends Sunday, August 14

Click here to buy!

It is wearable and stylish, light and airy. You can wear this with a nice dress or with your t-shirt and jeans (like I did in the photos.) You can use a shawl pin to hold the front together as you wear it or make ties like in the above photos which I have included instructions for.

Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable is the yarn I use for these boho vests. They have a nice variety of color gradients and as well as variegated color schemes. It is a soft and beautiful single ply yarn. It says on the yarn label that it is worsted weight yarn although it is a bit thinner than most worsted yarns.

If you prefer to purchase on etsy you can find the pattern here.

Size: I have instructions for 2 ladie’s sizes, small-large and XL. I have figured the numbers for those 2 sizes but it can easily be adjusted to other custom sizes which is explained in the pattern.

Visit one of the links above for more details on the pattern itself including the materials list.

Finished vests: I have 4 of these (soon to be 5) that I have made during the design process and will be listing them for sale on etsy as time permits. The 2 samples in the photos you see in this post will be among them. All 5 are different colorways.

Thank you so much to Hailey of HDL Photography for the amazing photos.







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