My Obsession Hides in Plain Sight

This is my work space. (Knitting and crocheting for a living has it perks.)Looks nice and cozy….and clean huh?


Now let’s see what is BEHIND my chair…….


 There’s is a party happening back there where no one can see and only I am brave enough to go. It looks messy but there is a method to this madness.

Uh oh! Some bits of projects have leaked out onto the counter of the hutch……


In these photos are 7 unfinished projects. Two of which are new designs I am working on for you. I can’t say when these 2 patterns will finally be done and ready to publish. I was hoping July 1 but that ain’t happening.

So that’s a glimpse at the inner workings of Longhorn Prairie. Keeping it short and sweet today. I could write a really long blog post but I would rather knit. haha.

You can find me sitting in that chair working on the Textured Laguna Wrap pattern by Chandi Agee (Expression Fiber Arts) for the rest of the day. (Taking a break from pattern writing / testing for the day.)


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