Say Mermaid 3 Times (pattern sale)

What? Mermaid 3 times? Well, because I have 3 different patterns for baby mermaid outfits. Call it an outfit, costume, photo prop, whatever. It’s good for all of those.

Why am I blogging about my mermaids? Because they are ON SALE!!!

Get any or all for 40% off. Use coupon code: MERMAID40

  • 40% off
  • only on
  • one week only
  • Coupon code: MERMAID40

Sale ends Thursday, June 23

CLICK HERE to buy patterns

What are they? These mermaid outfits are made up of a “tail” which is a sack that baby’s legs go into. It fits up to baby’s waist. Bikini top and headband are pretty self explanatory.



3 Mermaid crochet patterns -Mermaid Photo Prop -Croc Stitch Mermaid Costume -Sleek Mermaid



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