Sorta New But Not Really….lol

So I started a new blog. I guess a good first post should be about myself. I am April Hubbard, the designer behind Longhorn Prairie. I am a total yarnie and fiber nut. I spin and dye yarn sometimes. I could spend 24 hours a day knitting and crocheting if I didn’t have to stop and do other things…like eating, sleeping and taking care of my 5 children. Yes, I have 5. All are ages 11 down to 13 months. I am 37 and started teaching myself to crochet and knit when I was 21.

Longhorn Prairie fiber arts has been rolling along now for 5 years. So I have been around a while. I am not a techie so I had a hard time making a website work. I do have a blog at blogger but dang it if I can’t get into that account anymore. They say none of the info I provide matches the account. hmmm…. Ok. So here I am at a different site with a new blog. I have learned some things and can do it now. Ha! A little education can go a long way.

So I design knit and crochet patterns. As of today I have 41 patterns available online on 3 different sites:, & Oh yeah, and you can find finished items made by yours truly in the etsy shop. Just click that etsy link above.

Email newsletter: I will have a newsletter up and running soon so you can keep up with what Longhorn Prairie is up to. Don’t worry I will only email once in a while. Maybe once a week at the most. I am brainstorming with how I would like to start maybe a weekly sale or something like that.

Ok, I will keep this short. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, again. I am always available for questions or whatever else you want to talk about. I actually use my personal email for keeping in touch with all of you. I am always on top of my emails so don’t hesitate if you need to email me for something. I will respond pretty quickly.

Have an awesome day!


p.s. I will leave you with a cute picture of my sweet Jesse. He is the baby of the family and is a good little model. (modeling a pompom slouchy by Longhorn Prairie)



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