3 Mermaids

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3 Mermaids

A comparison from the designer.


3 Mermaid crochet patterns -Mermaid Photo Prop -Croc Stitch Mermaid Costume -Sleek Mermaid

So I’m not exactly “the mermaid lady” but I do have 3 different crochet patterns for baby mermaid outfits. What is the difference? The stitches, of course. All 3 fit from ages newborn to 12 months. All 3 are made using the same Caron Simply Soft yarn. At least that is the yarn I used for designing and writing the pattern. Using different yarn brands may result in a different size. The tail FIN is the one consistent feature.

#1 The Mermaid Photo Prop Set was the first mermaid pattern that I designed. It remains my most popular pattern. The tail fin is worked as a separate piece and then sewn onto the tail, or body, of the mermaid. Making two separate pieces really was the only way to make THOSE scales and THAT fin together. (link to ravelry at the end of this post)


Over the years I have had many people purchase this pattern and share their lovely pictures of their work with me. I can’t even tell you how much I love that. I have seen them made in so many different colors and so many different kinds of yarn. My friend Tatha of Stitched In Love makes hers using Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn. Her mermaid are unbelievably gorgeous. The color variations in that yarn is beautiful and so is her workmanship. You can find her HERE on facebook.

#2 The Croc Stitch Mermaid Set was the next one. It was written during a time when the crocodile stitch was still fairly new and was all the rage. I also redesigned the fin so that it could be worked fin-first from the bottom up, all as one piece. I know how much we all love sewing pieces together. Not! The crocodile stitch is a yarn eater so this mermaid takes a bit more yarn. If you’re feeling froggy and love a challenge you may want to try this one. The bikini top is a little more shell-like than the first mermaid. (link to ravelry at the end of this post)


#3 The Sleek Mermaid Set was the 3rd. After a few inquiries about a simpler mermaid with no scales I used the same concept as in the first mermaid (Mermaid Photo Prop) and descaled it. I wrote it to be worked from the bottom up like the Croc Stitch Mermaid. So this one works up quickly and uses less yarn. I used a little Irish crochet for the shell bikini top in this one. (link to ravelry at the end of this post)


In conclusion these 3 mermaid outfits fit all the same sizes and are all great patterns. I am always available via email to answer questions and help you work the pattern if you need help. The patterns are all available on Ravelry and Etsy and Craftsy. If you want ME to make one for you they are listed in my Etsy shop as finished items.



Joyce & Justin Whale Rug by Ira Rott (pattern review)

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Pattern Review

Joyce and Justin Whale Rug

Crochet pattern by Ira Rott

20180509_160608-01 (1)

Before this whale rug I had never attempted a pattern designed by Ira Rott. So this is a review of my first experience with making a finished piece from a pattern by this popular designer. Her rug patterns have been all the rage lately and I had my eye on a couple of them.

A friend of mine is expecting her first grand son due in early September and she commissioned me to make this whale rug for the baby’s room she is setting up at her house. So this was my chance (and excuse) to finally try an Ira Rott pattern.


I prefer to purchase crochet and knit patterns on Ravelry.com so I can keep them all in one place in my ravelry library. So any pattern links I share in my blog posts will mostly likely be to ravelry unless etsy is the only place they are available.

First off for such a large finished piece it works up very quickly since it is done using 3 strands of yarn at once. It took me a couple of days to work up the main body and tail, minus the fins. It calls for 6 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver. Definitely easily affordable. Each stitch is slow going due to the keeping 3 strands together without accidentally missing a strand but still works up quickly over all. If you think your stitching will be loose you may want to play it safe and get an extra skein of your main color.


The Body of the whale is the easiest part. The tail fins and side fin were fairly easy but do need to be blocked when done to make them lay flat. The “lacey” look of the fins and top of the head are the main appeal of this pattern. The decorative stitching on top of the body is a bit on the difficult side but the designer has plenty of explanation and pictures (lots of pictures) to help you along. This is one of the most fully detailed patterns I have ever used. There are 29 pages complete with photo tutorials, written instructions and graphs. The table of contents helps you easily find different parts of the pattern and there is a good stitch guide and instructions for special stitches. The designer leaves nothing out.

The eye is basic and easy…….but that mouth……. The mouth can be difficult and I worried it would turn out bad but it turned out perfect. It was hard to get the mouth started but once I figured out a way it was fairly easy from there and I was relieved. Making the mouth wavy turned out to be a bit more difficult than a simple smile shape but I love a good challenge.

20180509_160608-01 (1)

There is the option of attaching non-slip backing to it. If it will be on a hard floor you should probably add the backing. It is not necessary for carpet. I didn’t add it to mine. The designer provides good instructions for that too.

It really is quite large. A tail fin was much bigger than my foot. But it’s a rug, right? So bigger is better. It came out looking exactly like the pictures so, of course, my friend loves it.


My over-all opinion of this pattern?    …….don’t wait, just go for it. It was fun, quick and so adorable.

Pattern is available for $6 on Ravelry

Also available on Etsy.

*I am a pattern designer myself however I have spent a fortune buying patterns from other designers. I love their patterns too. For the record; any pattern reviews I write here will only be positive ones. I refuse to write a blog post with the intent to say anything negative toward any of my fellow designers. It’s just unprofessional to do that. If a pattern stinks I just won’t say anything here.

Pattern Review coming soon

Hey there,

In my last post I told you about the break I had to take from my business. Since I am pretty close to “normal” again and feeling my old self returning I am back at doing what I love for a living. I will be blogging more but I am changing things up a little. First change was the tag line one my blog banner now says “My Creative Release”. That’s what this is…… Not just my living but my release.

Anyhoo, I am working up a blog post for next week on Tuesday. I am reviewing a pattern that I recently completed for a friend. I finally had an excuse to work up a pattern by Ira Rott and I will be sharing my review with you. If you have been eyeballing one of her patterns and been on the fence about trying it maybe this will help you make up your mind. Be looking for that to be posted next Tuesday the 22nd.

When I post a review of someone else’s pattern I would love if you would share your experience and opinions of that designers work as well, in a nice way. I will only write positive reviews here. In the name of professionalism I refuse to say anything negative about a fellow designer’s work here. If I think a pattern stinks I just won’t review it here. So that is a hint that any patterns I review on my blog will be worth your time and money.

June 4th I will be expanding. I have added a new craft to the long list of things I love to do. So there will be new products in my etsy shop that have nothing to do with yarn or fiber arts. The term “maker” applies to me. I don’t just knit and crochet. I make all sorts of things. Gotta keep the hands busy.

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My little break…..

Hello there, my friends.

It has been a while since I have written a blog post. Life happens. 2017 was a hard year for our family. We lost my father-in-law in February, then my husband’s little sister on April 21st, and then his little brother on December 8th. I know….. It was hard. What can I say? Those things added to some chronic stress that was already there and it finally boiled over in me and I had to take a real break. I did minimal work for my Longhorn Prairie business. I didn’t go anywhere, just relaxed some.

After addressing some nutritional deficiencies, sleep disorders & anxiety disorder and depression that all stemmed from bad diet & stress I can finally say that I am starting to feel like myself again. It is strange because I spent a long time feeling frustrated and exhausted. I also got my hair done and got new glasses….the little things a lady needs to feel good about herself.

If you follow me on instagram or facebook you may have seen me post from time to time and therefore know that I am still at it.

I would like to get my social media presence back to what it used to be and crank new designs out a little more often. I do have several that I have been working on. No time table on when those will be done. I do have 5 kids that I homeschool so designing patterns happens when it happens. It is not quite the highest priority at the moment.

My almost-3-year-old is now potty trained but he still gets into stuff and tries to “escape”. So I still have to give him a lot of attention.

Since the “season of crisis” seems to have stopped, hopefully, now I can put more time into designing patterns and making custom orders for people.

If you read this far I thank you for taking an interest in how I have been.


Labor Day SALE on Etsy and Ravelry

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Enjoy 30% off all crochet and knitting patterns by Longhorn Prairie on Ravelry. No minimum, no maximum. Just ‘add to cart’.

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Circular Boho Vest (new crochet pattern) +coupon code


Over the last few days I have felt that wonderful feeling of relief that comes from a big project finally coming to a close. Can I get an ‘amen’?

This circular boho vest makes me think of dancing in circles in the woods as the breeze whispers through the trees. It’s the feeling of peace and freedom. The hippie chick in me is happy. I love it. (To say that I am proud of this pattern is an understatement.)

The recent popularity of bohemian style, mandalas and the fact that fall is around the corner inspired the design of this pattern.

Get the pattern for 50% off with code: BOHOINTRO (on ravelry only.)

Sale ends Sunday, August 14

Click here to buy!

It is wearable and stylish, light and airy. You can wear this with a nice dress or with your t-shirt and jeans (like I did in the photos.) You can use a shawl pin to hold the front together as you wear it or make ties like in the above photos which I have included instructions for.

Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable is the yarn I use for these boho vests. They have a nice variety of color gradients and as well as variegated color schemes. It is a soft and beautiful single ply yarn. It says on the yarn label that it is worsted weight yarn although it is a bit thinner than most worsted yarns.

If you prefer to purchase on etsy you can find the pattern here.

Size: I have instructions for 2 ladie’s sizes, small-large and XL. I have figured the numbers for those 2 sizes but it can easily be adjusted to other custom sizes which is explained in the pattern.

Visit one of the links above for more details on the pattern itself including the materials list.

Finished vests: I have 4 of these (soon to be 5) that I have made during the design process and will be listing them for sale on etsy as time permits. The 2 samples in the photos you see in this post will be among them. All 5 are different colorways.

Thank you so much to Hailey of HDL Photography for the amazing photos.






Something new is coming to Longhorn Prairie.

{Hey there, y’all. I haven’t been around much lately. I am just letting you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I do have a few things to let you know about. So here goes…….}

Oh my word I have been so busy lately. I have been working feverishly to finish these 2 patterns so I could have them ready to release like 2 weeks ago. Oops! That didn’t happen.

Both are in the testing phase now and pro photos have been taken.

(In my own defense though I do have 5 children under age 12 and I homeschool them. Life happens and I tend to set goals that are just this side of unrealistic for myself sometimes.)

Sorry, I can’t share those with you just yet. I will, however, have them by the end of the week and will let you have a look. I am very excited about one of these patterns. It’s gorgeous and so simple yet it looks like something more difficult. It is way cool, just wait.

The other was a request by my 3 year old daughter for her 4th birthday (August 10th). That’s all I will say for now. Ha!

Something new (ongoing discount):

I have set my ravelry shop to automatically take 20% off of your total purchase when you add 3 or more patterns to your cart. So the more you buy the more you save. Nice deal, right? This deal is here to stay and is only on ravelry.com. No coupon code is needed discount is automatic when you add 3 or more patterns to your cart.

Coonskin Cap pattern: If you have this pattern in your ravelry library or etsy account and have not downloaded yet you may want to do that if you like it the way it is. I will be revamping that pattern soon with a completely different yarn. I found the perfect yarn at Hobby Lobby sometime back at a special request from a customer and it made such a great raccoon hat that I have decided that I will redo the old pattern with this yarn. The same stitch counts won’t work with this other yarn so it will be a complete overhaul. All previous customers who still have it in their online ravelry/etsy libraries will get the update. I still have a few things to do before I get to that. I just wanted to give plenty of warning. This is one of my older patterns. I have much more experience with designing, writing and photography than I had when I published this pattern so it’s time to update. Just look how cheesy this photo is taken on my husband’s flat-bed trailer. I thought the weathered wood made a good back drop. Ha! I have learned so much in the last 5 years.


That’s about all I’ve got at the moment. Stay tuned as I will be back later this week to show you some pics of the photo shoot my fabulous photographer sister and I did this past weekend. Hailey of HDL Photography is a fabulous photographer, and I’m not just saying that because she is related to me. She really is good at what she does.

I will sign off for now. May your day be filled with love and blessings.

Love, April

My Obsession Hides in Plain Sight

This is my work space. (Knitting and crocheting for a living has it perks.)Looks nice and cozy….and clean huh?


Now let’s see what is BEHIND my chair…….


 There’s is a party happening back there where no one can see and only I am brave enough to go. It looks messy but there is a method to this madness.

Uh oh! Some bits of projects have leaked out onto the counter of the hutch……


In these photos are 7 unfinished projects. Two of which are new designs I am working on for you. I can’t say when these 2 patterns will finally be done and ready to publish. I was hoping July 1 but that ain’t happening.

So that’s a glimpse at the inner workings of Longhorn Prairie. Keeping it short and sweet today. I could write a really long blog post but I would rather knit. haha.

You can find me sitting in that chair working on the Textured Laguna Wrap pattern by Chandi Agee (Expression Fiber Arts) for the rest of the day. (Taking a break from pattern writing / testing for the day.)


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Say Mermaid 3 Times (pattern sale)

What? Mermaid 3 times? Well, because I have 3 different patterns for baby mermaid outfits. Call it an outfit, costume, photo prop, whatever. It’s good for all of those.

Why am I blogging about my mermaids? Because they are ON SALE!!!

Get any or all for 40% off. Use coupon code: MERMAID40

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What are they? These mermaid outfits are made up of a “tail” which is a sack that baby’s legs go into. It fits up to baby’s waist. Bikini top and headband are pretty self explanatory.



3 Mermaid crochet patterns -Mermaid Photo Prop -Croc Stitch Mermaid Costume -Sleek Mermaid


Sorta New But Not Really….lol

So I started a new blog. I guess a good first post should be about myself. I am April Hubbard, the designer behind Longhorn Prairie. I am a total yarnie and fiber nut. I spin and dye yarn sometimes. I could spend 24 hours a day knitting and crocheting if I didn’t have to stop and do other things…like eating, sleeping and taking care of my 5 children. Yes, I have 5. All are ages 11 down to 13 months. I am 37 and started teaching myself to crochet and knit when I was 21.

Longhorn Prairie fiber arts has been rolling along now for 5 years. So I have been around a while. I am not a techie so I had a hard time making a website work. I do have a blog at blogger but dang it if I can’t get into that account anymore. They say none of the info I provide matches the account. hmmm…. Ok. So here I am at a different site with a new blog. I have learned some things and can do it now. Ha! A little education can go a long way.

So I design knit and crochet patterns. As of today I have 41 patterns available online on 3 different sites: ravelry.com, craftsy.com & etsy.com. Oh yeah, and you can find finished items made by yours truly in the etsy shop. Just click that etsy link above.

Email newsletter: I will have a newsletter up and running soon so you can keep up with what Longhorn Prairie is up to. Don’t worry I will only email once in a while. Maybe once a week at the most. I am brainstorming with how I would like to start maybe a weekly sale or something like that.

Ok, I will keep this short. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, again. I am always available for questions or whatever else you want to talk about. I actually use my personal email for keeping in touch with all of you. I am always on top of my emails so don’t hesitate if you need to email me for something. I will respond pretty quickly.

Have an awesome day!


p.s. I will leave you with a cute picture of my sweet Jesse. He is the baby of the family and is a good little model. (modeling a pompom slouchy by Longhorn Prairie)